We the data

Editor’s note: Great resource on big data including a range of videos covering topics such as crowd sourcing and personal data.

The Great Debate: Deception – a night of magic and illumination

Editor’s note: A film on deception and why we deceive – is it just a part of the human condition?

Learning Technologies Conference Videos 2013

Editor’s note: A rich resource here – all the videos and slide decks from the Learning Technologies 2013 conference sessions.

Video of the week: Khan Academy and the effectiveness of science videos

How effective are science videos at helping viewers learn more? Derek Muller talks through the conclusions from his research.

The best videos for educators in 2012 — part one

Editor’s note: A great list of videos from Larry Ferlazzo – wide ranging too. Whether it’s Bloom or Khan, there will be something worth watching.

YouTube launches YouTube Capture, a video recording, editing app

Editor’s note: Youtube has launched an app – Youtube Capture – that enables you to shoot, edit and share video footage. Looks simple to use and very useful for creating better quality films.

Khan Academy releases new app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Editor’s note: Khan Academy has added to it’s iPad app with an iPhone and iPod app – providing access (bot not interactivity) with its thousands of videos.

One man, one computer, 10 million students: how Khan Academy is reinventing education

Editor’s note: Is the Khan Academy the future of education? And would that be a good thing? Thanks to Donald H Taylor for sharing.

Video: elearning is dead – long live learning

Editor’s note: Clive Shepherd says the end of elearning is in sight. We will then be able to concentrate on people and performance . . .

Synchronous debate tools

Editor’s note: Some interesting debating tools that will add a more social dimension to online events.

A great new feature from Youtube: add quizzes to your videos

Editor’s note: Youtube is developing a useful looking tool – Video Questions Editor Beta. It promises to provide a way to run quizzes on videos. It’s a beta project but worth taking a look.

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters director talks building blocks and the rise of gaming

Editor’s note: The directors of Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, talk about the film and gaming in general. The interview also provides some insights into Tetris gamers.

Knoodle – social learning platform

The aim of this excerpt is to tell readers why they might like to (or not) click on the link. This is a test.