Exploring the New Frontiers of Classroom Virtual Reality

Editor’s note: VR is transforming lesson time for children in the US. Could this be the future of classroom-based training in the workplace? Clearly there will be some use cases for technical skills.

The impact of virtual reality on learners and learning

Editor’s note: This is a useful round-up of the value and impact of virtual reality in learning from Tim Dewitt, product Innovator at Kallidus.

Barts Health to perform world’s first live virtual reality operation

Editor’s note: And another example of how virtual reality is being used by hospitals – this time to provide a learning experience as a part of a live operation.

Doctors’ training revolutionised by cardboard, smartphones and Google!

Editor’s note: Thanks to Kate Graham to pointing to this story on how medical staff at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust in the UK are using virtual reality to ‘see’ what being a patient is like.

10 Oculus Touch ideas that bring VR within reach of learners. Let’s do it!

Editor’s note: Donald Clark looks at how VR will potentially help transform learning experiences (especially now the headsets will come with virtual hands).

A Q&A with Virtual Reality Pioneer Jacki Morie

Editor’s note: As virtual reality takes off with news Oculus Rift will be hitting shops early next year, VR pioneer Jacquelyn Ford Morie looks back at the technology and forward to where it is heading.

AKQA uses Oculus VR to develop Nissan car design system

Editor’s note: A great example of how virtual reality is being used to enable consumers to help design cars.