Exploring the New Frontiers of Classroom Virtual Reality

Editor’s note: VR is transforming lesson time for children in the US. Could this be the future of classroom-based training in the workplace? Clearly there will be some use cases for technical skills.

“VR journalism should focus on storyliving, not storytelling” and other insights from Google’s new VR study

Editor’s note: There are some interesting nuggets in here for L&D folk. In particular, the way in which storytelling changes in VR – the narrative develops with you as an active participant. That is fundamentally different to storytelling as we do it now.

Virtual reality: Can it change how we learn? Curated #chat2lrn tweets

Here are our edited Twitter highlights from the Chat2Lrn Twitter chat on virtual reality. [View the story “Virtual reality: Can it change how we learn? Curated chat2lrn tweets” on Storify]