Redesigning the conference experience

Editor’s note: Video of weelearning’s event on design thinking and how it works. Includes how participants redesigned the conference experience.

How do you design the ultimate conference experience?

Editor’s note: weeLearning is asking for L&D professionals to help them to reimagine the L&D conference by using design thinking. If you think conferences need a makeover then join the discussion.

Everything you need to know about design thinking

Editor’s note: Ahead of their design jam, the Big Idea, weelearning have written an introduction to the concept of design thinking. Great introduction and primer on the main concepts.

How the L&D team at Unum use curation to organise and share information


Curation provides a model and discipline around how to organise and share information for the L&D team at insurer Unum. Speaking at last week’s weeLearning event in Bath, online learning consultant at Unum, Sam Burrough (pictured), talked through how he came to use curation as a way of finding and sharing relevant information with colleagues. […]

Create or curate?

Editor’s note: The exponential growth in data on the web means we will need strategies to manage it and to surface and share relevant and timely information. This post from John Curran outlines some of the skills we will need to be effective curators. I’ll be talking at tonight’s Weelearning event on this topic.