Official YouTube Blog: Updates from VidCon: more users, more products, more shows and much more

Editor’s note: This short post provides some data on Youtube see numbers and usage as well as some of the updates coming to the service.

Intelligent YouTube channels

Editor’s note: I’m a big fan of the Open Culture blog, especially for its lists of useful and entertaining resources. This one is no exception.

My #COLF L2 Assignment

Editor’s note: Online learning manager Craig Taylor is documenting his way through the Certified Online Learning Facilitator programme on Youtube. As well as seeing what Craig makes of the materials this is worth following to see how content narrated this way can be useful beyond the training programme.

YouTube launches YouTube Capture, a video recording, editing app

Editor’s note: Youtube has launched an app – Youtube Capture – that enables you to shoot, edit and share video footage. Looks simple to use and very useful for creating better quality films.

A great new feature from Youtube: add quizzes to your videos

Editor’s note: Youtube is developing a useful looking tool – Video Questions Editor Beta. It promises to provide a way to run quizzes on videos. It’s a beta project but worth taking a look.