Managing your online content to grow your business

LearnPatch provides a range of products to help you build your online presence, authority Brand Loyalty and Advocacy.

We are a media brand and our background is editorial. That means we focus on well sourced content feeds and high quality writing that will help you build your authority and reach in the market. Our aim is to provide next generation thinking for learning and development by taking a wide perspective on the learning landscape.

Below are our range of off the shelf products and bespoke services. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch via email.

Detail £299/m £399/m £499/m £899/m
Source relevant content including sharing updates We scour the web for relevant content to share with your networks X X X x
Share content updates on your networks We publish 20 updates per month on your chosen social profiles x X x x
Create custom Flipboard magazine We create and update one Flipboard magazine x x x x
Publish bi-weekly blog posts We write and publish two 500 word blog posts per  month X x
Publish weekly blog posts We write and publish four 500 word blog posts per  month x x
Thought leadership article We will write a 750-word article tailored to building your reputation in the market x

Other content management services

Digital footprint Q&A

This tool enables you to identify your digital content requirements. We interview you on Skype and ask 27 questions about your business, market and audience. You receive a report based on your answers which will help clarify what type of content you need to create and why.

Fee: £299


We research and create in-depth 1,000-word articles that will enable you to show your market knowledge and expertise. We provide a range of formats, from insight papers to practical tips-based articles.

Fee: £1,000


We research, write and produce a 5,000-word ebook ready to publish across all epublishing formats. This includes research, planning, writing, editing and production. Each book includes a cover image.

Fee: £3,999

Live event coverage

Boost the reach of your events and their shelf life. We create buzz around your event through live tweeting, blogging and video interviews. This engages directly with those who are following the event from afar and creates new, compelling content which has a shelf-life way beyond the event. This service also includes a Twitter report detailing the reach of your event.

Fee: £799 plus travel (this includes content creation on the day plus post-event content curation)


We provide support in using digital tools both on a one to one and group basis.


Content and communications consultancy

With extensive experience of producing digital content and using digital communications tools, we can help plan both your digital content and communication strategy. If you need help or advice then we’d love to help. We enjoy taking helping people and organisations grow their abilities and confidence,