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5 minutes

Editor’s note: Arvind Narayanan, associate professor of computer science at Princeton University, takes a look at some of the bigger claims made for artificial intelligence and whether they stand up. There are some work related ones here.

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2 minutes

Editor’s note: Research of just over 8,000 employees from around the world shows that people are embracing artificial intelligence. This is useful research for showing AI at work in a positive light. And maybe an AI makes for a better manager. Now there’s a challenge for the organisation.

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Editor’s note: A recent survey of 4,500 workers looked at perceptions of artificial intelligence in the workplace. There are some surprising stats here, only 10% fear AI-related redundancy, for example. A key message for L&D and HR is that employees want to learn more about the implications of AI at work and they want it clearly communicated to them.

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8 minutes

Editor’s note: In this interview, Kartik Hosanagar, author of A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence: How Algorithms Are Shaping Our Lives and How We Can Stay in Control, demystifies machine intelligence and looks at some of the things we need to consider to effectively harness the technology.

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1 minute (plus courses)

Editor’s Note: This is a great, free resource from Microsoft. The technology company has recently launched a free access, online business school for artificial intelligence. There are a range of courses to help you get up to speed with building an AI culture in your organisation.

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12 minutes

Editor’s note: In this short talk, journalist Paul Mason provides the big picture context for automation and the future of work – this is more about moral philosophy than AI.

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2 minutes (plus article reading time)

Editor’s note: All you ever wanted to know about artificial intelligence in learning – well, nearly. A great resource of articles written by Donald Clark.

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8 minutes

Editor’s note: Here are some interesting insights into how Google is designing apps for business. The approach has two elements at its heart: human-centred design and AI.

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20 minutes

Editor’s note: Gallup produces an interesting online publication called The Real Future of Work. it’s latest issue is on creating agile workplaces and includes pieces on being AI ready, strengths-based cultures and ethical decision making in the era of AI.

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Editor’s note: This feels like the conversation that needs to be had about AI. Are we conceiving it in the wrong way? Does this piece go to prove that AI will never match human creativity?

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Editor’s note: It’s interesting to see the effect of removing HR from this organisation. There is a danger that the way the organisation operates is dehumanised. It’s intriguing to see that HR has been removed but there remains a culture team and a learning team. Maybe L&D will co-exist with robots!

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