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Curated UK Consumer Digital Index 2019 report cover
20 minutes

Editor’s note: This research report features insights from interviews with 4,000 UK citizens to understand more about how people lead their lives online. It’s fascinating to see the level of competency with a range of digital skills and how successful employers are at supporting employees in developing digital skills.

Curated Man's hands on computer keyboard

Editor’s note: Microsoft has produced a set of free courses to develop skills in the Microsoft suite of software.

Curated Screen shot of the digital competency wheel
5 minutes

Editor’s note: Here’s a great, free tool to measure your digital competence. There are 54 questions in total. This could be good for your team and understanding the digital challenges they may have.

Curated Screen shot of video reading visitors and residents
7 minutes

Editor’s note: David White of the University of Oxford proposes a model that builds on the notion of digital natives and digital immigrants. This model of visitors and residents describes the way we use the web and helps us consider how people (our audience) uses it too. Thanks to Andrew Jacobs for sharing.


Editor’s note: Rob Jones poses a good question about digital skills and who, in senior positions, has them and what the role of HR should be in developing them.