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5 minutes

Editor’s note: Cognitive task analysis is a tool for helping extract all the information you need from a subject matter expert in order to design effective learning resources. It takes time to use this tool and as such is a reminder of what’s needed to create effective training solutions.

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2 minutes

Editor’s note: Donald Clark challenges the idea of learning experience design and that the brain needs more media rich experiences to navigate. Learning science tells us that that is not what is required. Less is more, he argues.

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3 minutes

Editor’s note: This article explains John Sweller’s cognitive load theory and its implications for learning design. Applying this theory helps free up working memory in order to facilitate changes in long term memory.

19 minutes

Editor’s note: This video gives you a flavour of the research and insights of Dr Richard Mayer, Professor of Psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara. Mayer has spent his career researching the science of learning. His thinking should inform corporate learning design.

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1 minute (plus reading time for resources)

Editor’s note: The authors of the book Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning have created a great resource that provides practical tips and resources on putting the science of learning into practice.