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Editor’s note: This report has to be a wake-up call for all organisations. Research suggests that managers, rather than helping alleviate stress in the workplace, are contributing to it. That is probably not new news but it shocking nonetheless. The research shows managers are not being supported so that they can in turn better support their teams.

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Editor’s note: In a recent Thinking Environment workshop I was struck by an anecdote from our facilitator Meg Peppin about how starting a meeting with sharing what’s been going well completely changed the course and outcome of the meeting she was facilitating. Looking at this small piece of research, I wonder if we need to help colleagues focus more on what’s going well and noting that down.

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Editor’s note: As a part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, the Mental Health Foundation carried out research to understand how many people are affected by stress. This report lifts the lid on the research and looks at how people can better manage stress.