Collaboration changes everything

Editor’s note: Google at Work does research to find collaboration at work works. OK, but this isn’t an advert for Google. There are some useful findings here that show the benefits of collaboration. Thanks to Jane Hart for sharing.

Learning tech start-up Noddlepod wins seed funding


Learning technology tech start-up #noddlepod has secured its first round of funding from Finance Wales and 4 angel investors. noddlepod will use the funding to further develop its collaborative learning tool and take it to market. It will also enable the company to recruit a number of developers and sales staff. Noddlepod’s collaborative learning platform […]

Learning collaboration from Tiki-Taka Soccer

Editor’s note: You don’t need to be a footballer to get a lot from this article – really interesting is how football coaches are experimenting with different approaches to a way of playing that hasn’t changed for a long time.

7 tools to help improve the modern collaborative workplace

Editor’s note: Good list here including cloud-based printing and mobile hot spots. Basic but essential tools to ease more collaborative working.

Parents, you know this. They do what you do, not what you say!

Editor’s note: This quote says it all: ‘Collaboration per se is not the end goal [of social apps]. Well-designed implementations of social apps aim to make it easier for people to get their work done. They are focused and specific to each worker’s needs.’

The emerging collaborative and sharing mentalities of the Millenial generation

Editor’s note: A look at how Millenials share – from books to information to workspaces. Thanks to @c4lpt for sharing.

Collaboration is the key to providing consistent brand value

Editor’s note: Five steps to collaboration by Libby Gill, author of Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow.

The 12 habits of highly collaborative organizations

Editor’s note: Insights on successful collaboration. You won’t be surprised to find this is not about the technology.

9 facts every creative needs to know about collaborative teams

Editor’s note: These facts on optimising team collaboration are supported with links to relevant psychological research.

Gensler’s US Workplace Survey on workplace design

Editor’s note: Open plan offices might oil the wheels of collaboration but the noise and distraction can diminish our effectiveness at work. Thanks to HR_Gem for sharing.

Five best web-based video chat services

Editor’s note: A useful list of free and paid-for tools for video meetings.

Pew: teachers believe digital tools encourage sharing and collaboration in classrooms

Editor’s note: According to a Pew survey, the majority of middle and high school teachers believe digital tools increase student collaboration with apps like GoogleDocs, and help them share their work through social media.

Dan Pontefract talks ‘Learning by osmosis’

Editor’s note: Dan Pontefract on learning as a collaborative, continuous, connected and community-based mindset.

Enterprise collaboration and social software industry report, Redwood Capital

Editor’s note: Indepth and free report into enterprise collaboration and social software from analysts Redwood Capital.

How Microsoft is using Yammer inside the company

Editor’s note: Insights into how a tech company with its own collaboration tool – Sharepoint – is using its new collaboration tool – Yammer. To quote: ‘Those teams that are more focused on the conversations lean toward Yammer groups. Increasingly, we are providing options of embedding Yammer feeds into SharePoint sites for people that want a mixture of the two.’