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Audience analysis, critical for instructional outcomes – curated #chat2lrn tweets

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Curated tweets from the Charity Learning Consortium conference 2015 #confclc15

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Hierarchical structures versus organisational freedom #cipd15

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Wearables and L+D – curated #chat2lrn tweets

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Five tips for introducing mobile learning

Editor’s note: This practical piece gives some good context (growth of content on the web over the coming years and devices we will be using to interact with that content) and pragmatic advice on how to develop better mobile learning experiences.

What’s next for L&D?

Editor’s note: The Learning and Performance Institute’s Donald Taylor looks at the future of L&D and where he thinks the L&D leadership role exists in organisations.

How Brands Design Customer Experiences Of The Future

Editor’s note: This look at how customer experience is developing casts a light on what the employee experience might also look like – if we consider the two to mirror each other. What could/would the employee experience look like and what part will learning have in shaping that?

The secret learning life of managers

Editor’s note: GoodPractice has carried out deep, qualitative research into how managers and leaders learn. Great data here to help shape more compelling learning experiences.

You Can’t Learn Surgery By Watching

Editor’s note: This approach to learning looks fascinating. I like the idea of enabling discussion to help knowledge transfer in organisations vs independent consumption of content for learning.