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What is the ‘real cost’ of a learning intervention? Curated #chat2lrn tweets

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The UK’s first corporate learning bootcamp is coming to London

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The UK’s first corporate learning #bootcamp will be taking place in London on 28 October … Read More...

Is this a training problem? #chat2lrn curated tweets

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Learning analytics and more – an interview with Ben Betts

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The Everyday Leadership of Tempered Radicals Radical Learners

Editor’s note: I like the term ‘tempered radical’, a person who is an outsider within an organisation and who challenges the status quo through their everyday behaviours.

How 12 Companies Make Meetings Memorable, Effective, and Short

Editor’s note: Seems to men there is much scope for innovating the humble meeting. These companies seem to be doing. Time to be bold and make meetings more worthwhile!

How Midtjylland took the analytical route towards the Champions League

Editor’s note: I’m fascinated by how data can help teams become more effective. Here’s how a small football team is doing just that.

Not an Introvert, Not an Extrovert? You May Be An Ambivert

Editor’s note: Ambiverts are somewhere between being introverts and extroverts. That means they can be very adaptable.

Researchers Find That Frequent Tests Can Boost Learning

Editor’s note: Have we got testing all wrong? Research suggests we should be using it as a tool to help retrieve information, not as a tool to help trip us up.