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Elearnity rebrands as Fosway Group and adds HR analyst practice


European learning and talent management analyst #elearnity has rebranded as the #fosway Group and … Read More...

Learning lists: The 70:20:10 model

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Micro learning – curated #chat2lrn tweets

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The Commoditization of Credentialism: Why MBAs and JDs Can’t Get Jobs

Editor’s note: Here’s an explanation as to why credentials such as MBAs are looking less relevant for people looking to get jobs. Does this mean they are less relevant for in-job training?

Five Examples of Companies With Internal Innovation Programs

Editor’s note: Always good to see some examples of how companies are innovating – these five are using labs to develop new ideas and thinking.

3 Shifts Every Employee Needs to Consider in Order to Thrive Tomorrow

Double exposure of businessman shows modern technology icons as concept

Editor’s note: Interesting that two of the seven facets of the future employee as outlined in this article are ‘Shifting from a knowledge to a learning worker’ and ‘Teaches and leans at will’. Begs the question: ‘What’s the future role of L&D if these are our future workers?”

Modeling Mediums Of Communication

Editor’s note: Interesting article on synchronous, participatory media such as Meerkat and Periscope – media that could hold a lot of potential for organisations.

How to Prevent Experts from Hoarding Knowledge

Editor’s note: How do you make the most of your deep smarts – those with deep company knowledge and experience – when they don’t want to share what they know? A question for our times as our aging workforce gets closer to leaving employment.