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Introducing Clipping on LinkedIn SlideShare

There’s so much information at our fingertips today – on LinkedIn #slideshare alone there are 18 … Read More...

Slidedeck of the week: Personal Knowledge Mastery

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Video of the week: Unconscious bias at work

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Collaboration changes everything

Editor’s note: Google at Work does research to find collaboration at work works. OK, but this isn’t an advert for Google. There are some useful findings here that show the benefits of collaboration. Thanks to Jane Hart for sharing.

The Future of Productivity

Screenshot 2015-08-28 12.13.45

Editor’s note: The OECD has developed an area of its website that looks at the global productivity picture. There’s lots in here including comparative data between countries and insight and analysis into productivity and growth.

Coursera Pivots To Focus On Job Training

Editor’s note: MOOC platform Coursera is looking to work with companies to provide bespoke courses. It’s an interesting move, which opens up more options for organisations. Thanks to Jane Hart for sharing this.

The Future Of Music: A Manifesto For Executives, Creatives And Artists

Editor’s note: This is a long read but well worth it. Analyst Brian Solis looks at current innovation in the music industry, who is winning and who isn’t. Music is at the bedding edge of tech disruption so there are some useful insight for us all.

World Happiness Report

Editor’s note: As well as looking at global happiness levels, this report takes a deeper look at areas that might interest L&D professionals such as the neuroscience of happiness.