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Why is leadership development failing organisations?

It is a $50bn a year industry and yet the more organisations spend on #leadership development the … Read More...

Equipping yourself for the digitally-transformed future

At the end of his keynote speech to the Learning Technologies Conference 2016, futurist Ben … Read More...

Andrew Jacobs on business strategy versus learning strategy

Andrew Jacobs, Organizational Learning and Talent Manager at the London Borough of Lewisham, … Read More...

Dr Marshall Goldsmith on how L&D can grow its influence

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Making Learning Easier by Design

Editor’s note: Fascinating insights into designing a learning experience through an app – in this case Primer, a mobile app that helps people learn digital marketing concepts in 5 minutes or less.

Why Formal Learning Is Just Not Enough

Editor’s note: Charles Jennings was talking 70:20:10 at this week’s Learning Technologies Conference. Here he shares his thinking on performance and how learning supports it.

Learning styles and the importance of critical self-reflection

Editor’s note: Dr Tesia Marshik, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, gets stuck into why learning styles are a myth, something she touched upon at this week’s Learning technologies Conference.

Training Professionals Beware: Your Limited View of Learning

Editor’s note: Train, transfer, sustain is the journey to competence, says Bob Mosher. But L&D tends to get stuck in training.

Six Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Everyday – Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Editor’s note: This talk from Marshall Goldsmith is pretty much the one he delivered to the Learning Technologies Conference 2016. This is a great talk on how to change behaviours.