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Evidence-based management – the basic principles

Editor’s note: What is evidence-based management and what can learning professionals learn from it? This paper explains all and provides some practical example of evidence-based practice.

Collective intelligence

Editor’s note: Margaret Hefferman suggests that through collaboration organisations can reap the rewards of collective intelligence. This article explores and explains the concept.

Sandy Pentland: Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread

Editor’s note: The work of Sandy Pentland was mentioned a couple of times at the CIPD’s annual conference. Here Pentland talks through his concept of social physics and how it explains how we behave as social beings in the workplace.

The future of the professions: how technology will transform the work of human experts

Editor’s note: Daniel Susskind talks through the book The future of the professions which he co-authored with his father Richard. There are some great insights here into what innovation could like like for L&D and HR.

On the Face of It: The Psychology of Electability

Editor’s note: Psychologist Alexander Todorov researches the way we perceive others and the information that actually helps us make decisions about others. His work has important implications for recruiting and promoting others.