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Towards a more performance-centric approach: Some thoughts from #learninglive 2017


It was during the panel discussion on day one of the Learning and Performance Institute's Learning … Read More...

Design thinking for learning

##design thinking was mentioned in more than one of the sessions at the Learning Live 2017 … Read More...

What is the state of curation in learning?


It was the talk of conferences four or five years ago and then it went quiet. What happened to … Read More...

Digital business transformation vs digital learning transformation: two parallel universes

Different directions

Research suggests that the #digital transformation of learning and development and the digital … Read More...

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LinkedIn opens video sharing

Editor’s note: Will the ability to create and share videos in LinkedIn just add to the showboating noise of the platform? Or will it see the creation and sharing of genuinely useful content? Time will tell . . .

Design Thinking for Learning Innovation – A Practical Guide

Editor’s note: How design thinking was used to rethink compliance training in an Australian bank. Great tips and insights here.

Attention And The 8-Second Attention Span

Editor’s note: Interesting piece debunking the notion that we have very short attention spans (due to the rise of technology). This piece explores attention as well as debunks myths around it.

How to escape personalised algorithms and read more widely

Editor’s note: How good is algorithmic, personalised learning really? It might be stopping us from reading more widely . . .

Tow Center: Platforms and Publishers: A Definitive Timeline

Editor’s note: Columbia Journalism School’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism has produced a timeline of developments at major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. It goes back to 2000. This is a good resource for keeping tabs on how what these major platforms are developing.