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Video of the week: Disrupting learning

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Jon Husband on wirearchy and the shift towards new organisational design

Jon Husband, a coach, consultant, speaker and writer, delivered the keynote at the Learning and … Read More...

It is time for learning to get back to messy – curated #chat2lrn tweets

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On Our Love-Hate Relationship with the Next Button – curated #chat2lrn tweets

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In Business, A Virtual World

Editor’s note: This 30-minute radio programme looks at how virtual reality is starting to be applied across a range of business sectors.

DisruptHR London – June 29, 2016 on Vimeo

Editor’s note: There are some interesting videos in this collection of 15 from the DisruptHR event held in London in June. Topics include change, disruption and creativity.

Eleven Reasons To Be Excited About The Future of Technology

Editor’s note: It’s worth thinking about the positive impact technology could have on our lives. This article shows the possibilities (that are already here). Learning is a big part of this . . .

Talks to form better habits

Editor’s note: Behaviour change is cemented when we adopt new habits. These talks provide some great tips on how to create new tips.

A compulsive audience and a complicit news media

Editor’s note: This is a long read but well worth it as it looks into how we consume media and the effect that might be having on us. This is important to learning because the tactics employed to capture attention and the content we end up consuming are having a big impact on our ability to get to better information and to be able to critically appraise it.