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Curated tweets from #chat2lrn Twitter chat on personal learning networks

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L&D fails to get to grips with learning technologies, according to 2014 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study

Despite the fact orgnaisations  are using more technology than ever before to help them deliver … Read More...

CIPD launches three research reports covering behavioural science and the changing context of work

The #cipd has launched three #research reports that focus on behavioural science and the changing … Read More...

Curated tweets from the London 2014 L and D Connect Unconference

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Building Products, Building Habits

Editor’s note: Some great insights here on how to use hooks to get users interested in your digital products.

How to Recognize Snake Oil in Your Personal Learning Network

Editor’s note: David Kelly urges people to look at the snake oil merchants in their personal learning networks. Thought-provoking piece that raises some good points about who you are following online and why.

Video of the Day: The Future of Workers in the Sharing Economy

Editor’s note: What is the sharing economy exactly and what does it look like from a worker’s perspective and from the employer’s perspective. Some interesting thinking to chew over in these videos.

British Gas breaks down silos with Yammer

Editor’s note: This article looks at how British Gas trialled enterprise social network Yammer. Some good tips on how to get colleagues interested.

Banking culture primes people to cheat

Editor’s note: Small scale research but it shows something powerful – that culture really can affect behaviour. It is extraordinary to think that perfectly decent people can resort to negative behaviour thanks to the working culture.