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Curated tweets from #chat2lrn Twitter chat on civility in the workplace

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Lifelong learning – the key to helping manage change

Melanie Lepine

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From heroic to collaborative leadership


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Decision-making practice in elearning – curated tweets from #chat2lrn

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The visual system and learning by Art Kohn

Editor’s note: Art Kohn looks at the brain’s two visual systems – the what and the where systems – and what they mean for the way we create and deliver learning content.

Morning people are less ethical at night

Editor’s note: According to researchers, when your energy is low, you are more likely to behave unethically.

Intelligent YouTube channels

Editor’s note: I’m a big fan of the Open Culture blog, especially for its lists of useful and entertaining resources. This one is no exception.

The only use case for ESN that you will need

Editor’s note: Oscar Berg on why you should be using enterprise social networks in place of email.

Should employers ban email after work hours?

Editor’s note: Gallup’s chief scientist of workplace management and well-being James Harter looks at the complex answer to a simple question. The issue here is engagement, not email.