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Challenging some learning myths – curated #chat2lrn tweets

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6 learning challenges

Here are some slides and links I used in my talk at the Learning Directors Network meeting in London … Read More...

The business of learning evaluation – curated #chat2lrn tweets

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Little real world application so far, but learning and devleopment must understand where neuroscience fits in to organisational learning

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HR and L&D professionals looking for real life examples of how #neuroscience is being used in … Read More...

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How to Prevent Experts from Hoarding Knowledge

Editor’s note: How do you make the most of your deep smarts – those with deep company knowledge and experience – when they don’t want to share what they know? A question for our times as our aging workforce gets closer to leaving employment.

Shoshana Zuboff on the Sharing Economy

Editor’s note: Great critique of the sharing economy – who it benefits in particular and and how radical the processes that underpin it actually are. Do we like where technology is taking us and our employees and societies?

Susan Pinker: why face-to-face contact matters in our digital age

Editor’s note: The title says it all. If human interaction is as important to us as food and drink then why are we increasingly isolating ourselves? This is particularly important for distributed workforces and especially knowledge workers who will be working alone.

‘I Would Prefer Not To’: The Origins of the White Collar Worker

Editor’s note: I like looking back at where we have come from. It’s not so common to look back at the rise of office workers though so this longer read is a real treat – if you like this sort of thing.

Carl Honoré: In praise of slowness

Editor’s note: I was lucky to see Carl speak this week and he raised some great points about the contradiction in slowing down to produce better work. Organisations are trying to slow down, they just don’t talk about it though.