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Learning technologies: the hype and the happening

Steve Wheeler hosts the panel debate

Live notes from the panel debate . . . Speakers Donald Clark (DC) Chair - Steve Wheeler Andrew … Read More...

The future of learning according to Sugata Mitra #lt15uk

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Live blog, may be typos . . . Professor Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology, … Read More...

Video of the week: Prof Robert Winston on what science can tell us about learning

Next week #professor robert winston will be delivering a keynote at the Learning Technologies … Read More...

Clive Shepherd launches the More Than Blended framework

The launch of More Than Blended

Blended learning fails when it is seen only as a mix of formal training mixed with self-study, … Read More...

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Why MOOCs are Failing the People They’re Supposed to Help

Editor’s note: This is a well referenced article that provides a recent history of how MOOCs have developed and how successful they have been. Its focus is higher education but the research cited is very useful.

Views from around the globe: 2nd Annual Report on How Personal Technology is Changing our Lives

Editor’s note: As personal and work technology merges (slowly in places) it is useful to get a view on how people perceive technology. This research from Microsoft shows that people are generally positive about the impact of technology although privacy is a major issue.

Slack’s Stewart Butterfield Doesn’t Fear Facebook At Work

Editor’s note: This week Facebook unveiled Facebook for Work. It raised, once again, the topic of social networking tools within organisations and it brought me top this interview with Slack co-founder Stewart Butterfield. If you haven’t tried it then give it a go – it is a lightweight type of Yammer and is great for comms around projects. I like Butterfields comments on ‘institutional memory’. Aren’t these the tools that will bring to light much sought after ‘tacit knowledge’?

Human capital reporting – investing for sustainable growth

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Editor’s note: This report tackles the issue of measuring the impact of ‘human capital’. It’s a topic that comes in and out of fashion but don’t be put off by that. This report has some interesting insights into what training data should and could be measured and how that related to other human capital and business metrics. Worth a look if you are interested in learner data and current debates around that.

Is all learning social?

Crowd coloured

Editor’s note: Sam Burrough and I are running a MOOC on social learning and as we research the topic we find that there maybe emerging model to describe the impact of digital culture on learning but that these are emergent. This is a great – and well referenced – article by Steve Wheeler which acts as a good starting point for anyone trying to establish exactly what social learning is.