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Curatr owner HT2 Labs wins new round of investment funding


HT2 Labs, the company behind social learning platform Curatr and learning record store Learning … Read More...

Stop the sticking plaster approach to learning technologies, says leading analyst

Wilson: "For all of the froth that exists around learning technology, the fundamental speed of change of organisations to really embrace it has been very slow."

A tactical approach to implementing learning technologies is hampering the digital transformation of … Read More...

Qualitative feedback the number one tool L&D uses to measure impact, survey shows

Screenshot 2017-03-07 08.50.54

The number one method used by L&D professionals to measure the impact of learning is qualitative … Read More...

The old rules versus the new rules of corporate learning

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#deloitte has just just published its 2017 Global Human capital Trends 2017 report. In its section … Read More...

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The case for culture in business, as clearly and forcefully as I can make it

Editor’s note: Anthropologist Grant McCracken looks at the importance of culture in the creative process. There’s an interesting point here for L&D. How does L&D draw from the organisational culture and contribute to it?

Experts on the Future of Work, Jobs Training and Skills

Editor’s note: Nearly 1,500 educators and technologists provide their views on the future of work. This is a large piece of research that provides many useful and interesting insights.

You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you

Editor’s note: This is a cartoon about the backfire effect, which is interesting in terms of understanding why we believe what we believe. The format is worth thinking about too – a powerful message presented in a wonderful, graphic (comic) style.

Building Skills for an Inclusive Economy

Editor’s note: This is a discussion on the future of work and how we can all prosper in it. So what skills do we really need to develop? And what’s the role of technology?

Instagram is closer than ever to a billion users

Editor’s note: This week photos sharing app Instagram announced it has 700 million users. It’s a hugely popular app – something to be used by learning teams?