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Curated tweets from #chat2lrn MOOC chat

Here are our curated tweets from the #chat2lrn Twitter chat on MOOCs.   [View the story … Read More...

Video of the week: An infographic exploration of video engagement

Useful data on the scale of video usage online and the power of video in engaging … Read More...

Infographic of the week: The manager’s role in engaging employees

This infographic outlines how managers can get the best from their teams. The Manager's Role … Read More...

Is this you? Is this L&D?

Today's #ldinsight Twitter chat posed the question 'What is L&D?', which prompted a wide-ranging … Read More...

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Executives to increase L&D spending to compete globally, research shows

Editor’s note: Nearly a third of executives plan to increase their learning and development budgets this year, as developing leadership capability becomes the greatest business challenge for global companies, according to Henley Business School’s Corporate Learning Priorities survey.

What is a learning ecosystem?

Editor’s note: This article might serve as a promotional piece for a conference, but it raises some interesting questions about learning strategies at a time when technology makes real-time collaboration is so easy.

Seven things elearning professionals must do now

Editor’s note: A provocative list from Bill Brandon – from big data to understanding learning as an ecosystem, this is a useful list against which to measure your activities.

Mysteries of the human brain revealed as scientists release detailed 3D image of its genes and pathways

Editor’s note: Research on the brains of babies in the womb could one day lead to a “blueprint for building the human brain” based on knowing the precise sequence of genes that are selectively switched on and off in different parts of the embryonic organ during the critical stages of development in the womb.

Whose job is leadership, anyway?

Editor’s note: Dan Pontefract looks at the issue of employee engagement through the lens of leadership. It is not a pretty picture, according to the research he cites.