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What is the state of curation in learning?


It was the talk of conferences four or five years ago and then it went quiet. What happened to … Read More...

Digital business transformation vs digital learning transformation: two parallel universes

Different directions

Research suggests that the #digital transformation of learning and development and the digital … Read More...

Curatr owner HT2 Labs wins new round of investment funding


HT2 Labs, the company behind social learning platform Curatr and learning record store Learning … Read More...

Stop the sticking plaster approach to learning technologies, says leading analyst

Wilson: "For all of the froth that exists around learning technology, the fundamental speed of change of organisations to really embrace it has been very slow."

A tactical approach to implementing learning technologies is hampering the digital transformation of … Read More...

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Exploring the New Frontiers of Classroom Virtual Reality

Editor’s note: VR is transforming lesson time for children in the US. Could this be the future of classroom-based training in the workplace? Clearly there will be some use cases for technical skills.

The Virtues of Unintelligent Organisation Design

Editor’s note: Researchers at INSEAD have modelled the impact of formal structures on how networks evolve in organisations. It would seem that some form of organisational structure is necessary for networks to evolve and flourish.

Cognitive bias cheat sheet

Editor’s note: Thanks to Stephen Downes, I am sharing this again. The reason – a fantastic infographic. Scroll down to the Cognitive Bias Codex. And yes, it can be bought as a poster.

The enterprise technologies to watch in 2017

Editor’s note: Have you heard of all these technologies? Reading this will make you sympathise with your IT team and especially your head of IT. Maybe the challenges of new technology are everyone’s challenges and should be the catalyst for L&D and IT to work more closely together.

Tutorbots are here – 7 ways they could change the learning landscape

Editor’s note: I can’t help thinking chatbots are the future of performance support. Look at the development of tutorbots (chatbots with a learning flavour) as described by Donald Clark.