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Content curation – more reasons for L&D to take notice

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In social networks, group boundaries promote the spread of ideas, study finds

Editor’s note: Research into networks shows how ideas spread. Some good insights here into how groups affect the sharing of information across a network.

Adults and online learning: lessons from the private tuition sector

Screenshot 2015-07-03 17.22.59

Editor’s note: This article opens with a sobering statement, “With at least a fifth of Britain’s population lacking the skills required to use the internet.” It goes on to look at how adults are learning online. Clearly technology opens many doors to learning and this piece shows that – and that many adults are lacking in the skills needed to use the web.

How we learn once more

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Editor’s note: Nick Shackleton-Jones on the Affective Context Model – and how we ‘encode’ reactions that then shape our learning.

Elearning. L&D’s hard to kick habit?

Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 20.36.48

Editor’s note: A simple, powerful point from Dan Roddy about thinking differently as an L&D professional.

10 Oculus Touch ideas that bring VR within reach of learners. Let’s do it!

Editor’s note: Donald Clark looks at how VR will potentially help transform learning experiences (especially now the headsets will come with virtual hands).