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Two barcamps for Learning Technologies 2017

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How RNIB uses Workplace by Facebook

Editor’s note: How the Royal National Institute of Blind People is using Workplace by Facebook. Really interesting to see how much more accessible Facebook is versus Yammer.

How Leading Tech Companies Use Learning & Development to Engage Employees

Editor’s note: A look at how five technology companies approach leaning development.

Another survey finds users aren’t that engaged with online video

Editor’s note: This research focuses on video content on news websites and shows that it is less engaging than other forms of content, in particular long-form writing. Interesting to see that video might not be as popular after all.

New Glassdoor Data Suggests What You’re Paid Affects Your Work Values

Editor’s note: According to Glassdoor data the most important factor for job satisfaction is a company’s culture and values.

A tough crowd at work is no joke – stand-up comedians share their tips

Editor’s note: At some point in your working life you will have to stand up and give a talk. And the audience might be quite challenging. Here are some tips from comedians to help get through it.