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Video of the week: Digital sabbath

Maybe I like this because I spend too much on time. I think it has an important message. … Read More...

Personal and organisational benefits of “learning out loud” – curated #chat2lrn tweets

Here are our curated tweets from the Chat2lrn Twitter chat on #working out loud. [View the story … Read More...

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Apple saves the desktop from extinction and realises its future vision for computing

In the week that Apple launched its new iPads, this article looks at Apple’s future, which gives some clues as to what technology we can expect to see in the coming months and year or two. Clue: technology for every occasion!

How Google Works

Screenshot 2014-10-17 16.21.46

Most companies are run to minimise risk and not to maximise, says Google chairman Eric Schmidt. This slide deck is great despite the fact it is brazen promotion of his new book.

Neuroscience mythology hampers teaching

Screenshot 2014-10-17 16.06.14

Interesting piece on how neuromyths are adopted by teachers. Something to watch our for in corporate learning too.

The Real Revolution in Online Education Isn’t MOOCs

Online competency-based education is the key to filling in the skills gaps in the workforce, according to this article. Modular learning will take the place of courses . . .

Precrastination: worse than procrastination?

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Do we ‘get things done’ to satisfy our feelings at the expense of doing things in the best or most effective way? It would seem so, according to this study.