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How to Start Your Own Podcast

Editor’s note: Some really good advice here on how to get started with podcasting. Audio is a great medium, why not consider creating one inside your organisation?

Google says machine learning is the future. So I tried it myself

Editor’s note: I enjoyed this article because it makes the abstract concept of machine learning a bit more tangible. It feels like this technology could change the face of workplace learning ie the organisation learns from all the data it creates.

UX to LX: The Rise of Learner Experience Design

Editor’s note: User experience has been a key process in the development of intuitive consumer technologies. That thinking is increasingly infiltrating learning. For organisations that should mean more intuitive learning technology.

BrewDog graduate programme launched

Editor’s note: Here’s an interesting approach to recruitment. Could this be aped in learning design too – using short videos to recommend people and ideas? This move also reflects the fact people are becoming increasingly comfortable using video as a part of people processes.

Fly on the wall: how Team Sky are preparing for more Tour glory

Editor’s note: This is a really interesting read from Matthew Syed on how the cycling team Team Sky focus on marginal gains to improve performance.