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Fitness trackers do not increase activity enough to noticeably improve health

Editor’s note: This story feels to me like a good metaphor for where we are at with technology and how it can help us. Much promise for the quantified self and health apps like Fitbits, but not a lot of evidence to say they are having the expected impact.

Why the FT creates so few clickable graphics

Editor’s note: Great insights here into how the Financial Times is developing ‘scrollytelling’ and other data visualisation techniques to help users make sense of data.

IBM Smarter Workforce Institute

Editor’s note: A lot of research papers here on topics ranging from trust and learning to workforce analytics. Looks like a useful resource.

Online Education Is Now a Global Market

Editor’s note: In this interview, Simon nelson who heads up FutureLearn, talks about the future of MOOCs. This is an interesting, unfolding narrative for employers.

Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016

Editor’s note: Jane Hart has produced the tenth top tools list for learning. This is a great resource for new tools and technologies.