6 end of year links

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Here are the links we curated for our last newsletter of 2020. Have a good break and stay well.

5 ways to listen better
In this short TED Talk, Julian Treasure shares some great tips to improve your listening skills.

Nancy Kline’s 10 Components of Thinking Environments
The concept, developed by Nancy Klein, helps people think better – arguably a skill for our time. This video describes the different elements that make up a thinking environment.

How to Learn Critical Thinking
We are faced with torrents of information and misinformation. So how do we ensure we get to good information and scrutinise it properly? Critical thinking can help and this article provides many examples of how to develop and use this skill.

How to manage for collective creativity
Linda Hill is an ethnographer who studied innovators across a range of industries. She shares some interesting insights on the collaborative nature of creativity and innovation. Also, that learning and decision making are key components in innovation that organisations can develop and finesse.

How To Be An Ally: Stop Fixing People And Start Supporting Them
The author of this article argues that to create inclusive workplaces employers need to shift the focus of their diversity and and inclusion efforts.

How do I reflect effectively?
The end of the year tends to prompt reflection. This year is the year it should be obligatory. Here are some simple tips for personal reflection.


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