Does Game-Based Learning Work? Curated #chat2lrn tweets

Here are our edited Twitter highlights from the chat2lrn chat on game-based learning. [View the story “Does Game-Based Learning Work? Curated chat2lrn tweets” on Storify]

DoD ‘wargames’ look at the future of recruiting, retention challenges

Editor’s note: An interesting approach here to use a war game to try and solve talent management issues in the US military.

E3 2015

Editor’s note: The games developer conference of the year has just taken place. This article provides all the insights.

Video games: do you play better with the sound on or off?

Editor’s note: A look at the research into whether audio affects gaming. Can sound improve a player’s performance? How much is audio a part of the online learning experience and should it be . . .

Learning from board games

Editor’s note: A look at how board games can be used to develop better user experience for tech applications.

Video games are the perfect way to teach maths, says Stanford mathematician

Editor’s note: A look at the app Wuzzit Trouble and how it can help children learn maths.

An interview with Karl Kapp

Editor’s note: Karl Kapp on gamification and where it is headed. Find out also Karl’s favourite games.

Level up: video games are the new educational hack

Editor’s note: A look at how gaming as an educational tool is changing the lives of our children.

How playing video games can make you a more effective employee

Editor’s note: A look at how elearning company Axonify combines video games with cutting edge brain science.

Can computer games change the world?

Editor’s note: A look at how serious games are helping tackle global issues.

Game-based learning: Hype or Substance? – curated tweets from the #chat2lrn Twitter chat

Here are our curated tweets from the #cht2lrn Twitter chat on #games-based learning. [View the story “#game-based learning: Hype or Substance? – curated tweets from the chat2lrn Twitter chat” on Storify]

Game-based learning: hype or substance?

Editor’s note: Today’s #chat2lrn Twitter chat is on game-based learning. This article shares lots of useful links on the topic.

Getting the facts on game based learning

Editor’s note: Infographic to explain game based learning.

3 ways to use game based learning in corporate training

Editor’s note: Simple tips for turning elearning experiences into more game-like experiences.

Avoid the wrong reasons for interactive learning

Editor’s note: Gaming and simulations are easier and cheaper to design and implement than ever before but unless you are clear about what you are trying to achieve they can just as easily fail.