Six Strategies You May Not Be Using To Reduce Cognitive Load

Editor’s note: Some useful tips here on how to more effectively process information.

Information Overload or a Search for Meaning?

Editor’s note: This is a long read and very well worth it if you are interested in the history of the concept of information overload and the paradigm shift we need to make to meaning making.

Video of the week: Daniel Levitin on Information Overload

Neuroscientist #daniel levitin discusses the impact of #information overload on the brain. He says that ‘uni-tasking’ at work is more productive than multi-tasking and that people who take a break for 15 minutes every two hours (to let the brain go into its daydream state) are also more productive.

Video of the week: information overload syndrome

This week’s (very funny) video comes courtesy of @thesurething – who shared it on the #dcurate hashtag.

10 tips and tools to deal with information overload

Editor’s note: From RSS readers to search engines such as Topsy, some useful tools to manage the information firehose.

Time calculator shows futility in trying to keep up with Twitter

Editor’s note: Revisiting the issue of information overload raised by Gerd Leonhard at Learning technologies 2013, web developer Koobazaur has created a Tweetulator, a calculator that works out how much time it would take you to read all of the tweets of the people you follow.

Information overload? Fix the filters, says futurist Gerd Leonhard


Managing information overload is not the issue for L&D professionals, but fixing the filtering tools to be able to manage information more effectively is. Futurist Gerd Leonhard painted a picture of a future of hyperconnected individuals, vast, vast amounts of data and technology that had to become more human in the way¬† his keynote at […]