LinkedIn opens video sharing

Editor’s note: Will the ability to create and share videos in LinkedIn just add to the showboating noise of the platform? Or will it see the creation and sharing of genuinely useful content? Time will tell . . .

Qualitative feedback the number one tool L&D uses to measure impact, survey shows

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The number one method used by L&D professionals to measure the impact of learning is qualitative feedback from attendees at instructor-led classes, according to #research carried out by #linkedin. The #2017 workplace learning report shows that of the 500 L&D professionals surveyed most depend on qualitative feedback from attendees or satisfaction surveys to measure impact […]

Why LinkedIn is worth $26 billion to Microsoft

Editor’s note: The ‘wow’ deal of enterprise technology. This is a good piece of analysis on the Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn. The question is: what will the impact be on corporate learning and the LMS market?

LinkedIn buys online learning company


Social networking site #linkedin has bought online learning company for $1.5bn. Commenting on the acquisition, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said, “LinkedIn’s fundamental value proposition is connecting people to opportunity. We’ve made significant progress in this area; nearly 350 million members can use LinkedIn to find a job, build a business, and be more successful […]

Connections as a tool for growth

Editor’s note: Interesting piece of research looking at the value and importance of connectedness – linking people to ideas and organisations.

The stories that mattered most to professionals this year

Editor’s note: LinkedIn has shared its most read stories for the year. It hows that workers want management wisdom and are keen to know how to spot talent, act ethically and lead with purpose.

LinkedIn partners with 7 online education firms to let users add certifications and courses to their profiles

Editor’s note: LinkedIn today announced it has partnered with some of the biggest names in online education to help users include educational accomplishments that go beyond the traditional institutions. So, who needs open badges? Thanks to @c4lpt for sharing

Slidedeck of the week: The three secrets of highly successful graduates

This week’s deck comes courtesy of Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn. The 3 Secrets of Highly Successful Graduates from Reid Hoffman

“Best companies” list leverages LinkedIn data

Editor’s note: Interesting to see how LinkedIn data is being used in the talent space. A good example of how data is being used to help companies better understand talent management challenges.

The best LinkedIn groups about elearning

Editor’s note: Some 17 Linkedin groups related to elearning. This is a useful resource if you want to see what groups are out there.

Learning: the Google way

Editor’s note: GoogleEDU is Google’s approach to learning which relies on data analytics and other measures to ensure it is teaching employees what they need to know.