The MacTaggart Lecture 2016: Shane Smith, Founder & CEO of Vice

Editor’s note: Media business Vice saw its business take off when it started listening to its users and creating and sharing content that they really cared about. Besides the insights into the changing media, this talk shows the power of engaging with the things your audience/people really care about.

Did Media Literacy Backfire?

Editor’s note: This piece builds on the fake news debate and raises questions on what influences how and why we consume the information we consume.

A compulsive audience and a complicit news media

Editor’s note: This is a long read but well worth it as it looks into how we consume media and the effect that might be having on us. This is important to learning because the tactics employed to capture attention and the content we end up consuming are having a big impact on our ability to get to better information and to be able to critically appraise it.

Kenexa Releases the industry’s first social LMS, an integral part of its learning suite

Editor’s note: Hot on the heels of being bought by IBM, Kenexa announces the latest version of its learning management system. The company claims it is a ‘social’ LMS, which means it has a range of collaborative features in-built.

The 60-second guide to teaching with tablets

Editor’s note: An interesting infographic looking at how tablets are being used by teachers to enhance the learning process. Food for thought here for how tablets can be used for workplace learning.