The music industry and the digital revolution

Editor’s note: The music industry has been at the forefront of industrial digital disruption. This video describes the transformation of the industry and how new technologies are emerging to help create new business models for musicians.

10 magical effects music has on the mind

Editor’s note: Research-backed list which makes you wonder why music does not feature in many people’s working lives.

Pop music good for studies

Editor’s note: Don’t underestimate the power of music. Researchers show music can be a great motivator for learning.

Badgeville gamifies salesforce platform toolkit to drive behaviour, increase use of cloud apps

Editor’s note: Using the Badgeville toolkit, developers can reward cloud user behaviors in realtime by leveraging mechanics, such as points, achievements and missions. They can also provide recognition and rank to make users feel special or smart by leveraging mechanics, such as levels, tracks and leaderboards.

Lady sings the blues

Editor’s note: An interview with Alex Watson, a senior manager for Lloyds Register in London and lead singer of soul group Bastedo. Where does music and business cross over and what can they learn from each other?