Open Badges: A record of achievement or a childish gimmick? #chat2lrn curated tweets

Here are our Twitter highlights of the Chat2lrn Twitter chat on #open badges. [View the story “Open Badges: A record of achievement or a childish gimmick? chat2lrn curated tweets” on Storify]

How Open Badges could really work in education

Curated from A look to the education sector and the opportunities that #badges now present. These are the people who will be working for you – so what will you make of badges and how will you use them in your organisation?

Top 5 benefits of open badges for corporates

Editor’s note: Get up to speed with badges and their application in corporate learning care of Ryan Tracey.

Totara launches ground-breaking open badges functionality

Editor’s note: The Moodle provider says that with its latest iteration it is the first learning management system to include Mozilla’s Open Badges functionality.

Open Badges in healthcare professional education

Editor’s note: Slide deck on Mozilla Open badges from Mozilla’s Dr Doug Belshaw. Slides give a good sense of how the concept works.

Big data opportunities in learning: an interview with Ben Betts

Big data

Ben Betts, founder of the Curatr social learning platform, says big data enables our approach to learning to become a bit more scientific which in turn opens up a lot of opportunity to generate useful data. LearnPatch caught up with Betts at the 2012 Learning Live conference where he ran a session on curation in […]