35 of the best productivity and lifehack apps of 2012

Editor’s note: On a personal level, some useful apps to explore. On a professional level, some great apps to take inspiration from.

5 tools that deliver smarter productivity and collaboration

Editor’s note: A useful list that includes: Loosecubes, Treehouse, Trello, Lift.do and Fonolo.

30 ways to save one minute per day

Editor’s note: This list features some useful time-saving apps which can be used at work and/or at home.

What successful people do with the first hour of their work day

Editor’s note: This list may seem counter-intuitive but it is worth a read. The likes of Tony Robbins and Craig Newmark – founder of Craiglist – share their tips on the best way to start the working day. Hint: it does not include reading email.

Why remote workers are more (yes, more) engaged

Editor’s note: A good piece on some of the main (and fundamental) reasons remote workers are more engaged with their work. Reasons include: they work harder to connect, use tools better and make more of face to face time.