TED Studies

Editor’s note: TED Talks have been working on ways to make their 2,000-plus videos more accessible. TED Studies is an interesting approach that will resonate with L&D professionals. Look at what they include as their learning frame – an introductory essay on the topic, curated videos and a summary. There is also a licensed option. This approach could be taken by any organisation – using TED talks.

TED Studies

Editor’s note: TED is now offering curated, structured learning experiences using its own content. Interesting to see the elements it uses as a part of its curated experience.

TED talks digesTED: The happy secret of work

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In this new series of articles, Roisin Woolnough explores the TED Talk of Shawn Achor and his concept of the #happiness advantage. As a society, we constantly think we will be happier once we have achieved x, completed y or improved z. Or preferably, all three. Happiness is predicated on future success. By doing so, […]

Books worth reading, recommended by Bill Gates, Susan Cain and more

Editor’s note: TED Talks speakers share the books that are in their domain that are worth reading. This looks like an amazing reading list covering creativity, design, happiness and much more . . .

We need to talk about TED

Editor’s note: So what happens as a result of a TED talk? Really interesting counter-point to TED’s enduring popularity and appeal.

2013: the year in ideas

Editor’s note: A TED Talks feast here as they round-up the 250 talks that have been delivered this year.

Our digital lives

Editor’s note: A fantastic resource of 10 videos that get under the skin of how we lead our digital lives. Thanks to @dsmith_tmaw for sharing.

Infographic of the week: why we all love TED Talks

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9 TED talks given by children

Editor’s note: Never take your eye off what the kids are up to – here are nine reasons not to.