New Year’s resolutions 2014 for learning and development: curated tweets from #chat2lrn

Here are our curated tweets from the Chat2lrn #twitter chat on #new year’s resolutions for L&D in 2014, which took place on 2 January. This was a busy chat and we have attempted to stitch together some of the conversations that took place within the overall Q&A structure of the chat. [View the story “Curated […]

Design thinking in L&D: curated tweets from #chat2lrn Twitter chat

Here are our curated tweets from the chat2lrn #twitter chat on #design thinking. [View the story “Design thinking in L&D” on Storify]

What inspires L&D? Curated tweets from #chat2lrn

Here are our curated tweets from the chat2lrn #twitter chat on what inspires L&D. [View the story “What inspires L&D?” on Storify]

#msloc430 Chat debrief: What contributes to meaningful digital connections?

Editor’s note: Interesting insights into what masters students see as the ingredients for making meaningful digital connections.

Curated tweets from #chat2lrn Twitter chat on reflection in learning


Here are our curated tweets from the chat2lrn Twiiter chat on reflection in learning. [View the story “From relection to action” on Storify] From relection to action Curated tweets from the chat2lrn #twitter chat on reflection in learning. Storified by Martin Couzins· Thu, Mar 21 2013 15:07:30 Q1) What does reflecting on learning mean to […]

Bring your own devices

Editor’s note: Ahead of this Thursday’s #chat2lrn Twitter chat on BYOD, the organisers have provided a reading list – whether or not you make the chat, the reading list is worth a look.

Curated tweets from the #chat2lrn Twitter chat on crowdsourced learning

[View the story “Curated tweets from chat2lrn #twitter chat on #crowdsourced learning” on #storify]

Storify of #chat2lrn Twitter chat on keeping up with professional development

Today’s chat2lrn #twitter chat was on #professional development. Here is a Storify of the chat – I wasn’t there but gained a lot from the discussion, so thanks to all the contributors.   [View the story “Storify of chat2lrn – Keeping Up: How Important is It in Our Field?” on Storify]

Back channelling takes a step forward by Nic Laycock

Editor’s note: Nic Laycock takes a look at the #chat2lrn Twitter chat and how Twitter backchannels are benefiting learning professionals who aren’t physically at the conference.

elearning: what is it good for? #chat2lrn

Editor’s note: #chat2lrn is a Twitter chat for learning and OD professionals that takes place every other week on a Thursday. Yesterday’s chat was on e-learning, and very interesting it was too. Prior to each chat the organisers share some links as a kind of pre-reading (they also share the tweet analysis after the chat) and yesterday’s included some useful links on elearning.