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Editor’s note: For more than a decade, Jane Hart, who runs the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, has published a list of the top tools in learning based on responses from L&D professionals around the world. This year’s list has just been published and it makes for interesting reading. It is worth exploring to see which tools are the most popular and also for identifying new tools to use.

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Editor’s note: This is a useful list of team communication tools that are similar to Slack. The devil is in the detail as some of the tools offer unique bits of functionality.

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Editor’s note: Jane Hart has published the top tools used by L&D professionals. This list has been running for a number of years and provides some great insights into what tools and technologies people are using to support learning at work.

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Editor’s note: I’ve been enjoying how England football manager Gareth Southgate has been conducting himself during the course of the world cup. He looks to me to be displaying a lot of emotional intelligence. How do you and your team stack up on EI?


Editor’s note: Jane Hart has just published her annual list of the top 100 tools as used by learning professionals. Always a good read to see what’s in fashion and what is going out of fashion.

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