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Curated Cracked cement symbolizing broken trust between people or parties
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Editor’s note: The Edelman Trust barometer has been measuring people’s trust in government, business, NGOs and media for 20 years. The latest version has just been launched and it makes interesting reading for employers. How example, “An overwhelming number of respondents believe that it is the duty of business to pay decent wages (83 percent) and provide retraining for workers whose jobs are threatened by automation (79 percent). Yet less than a third of people trust that business will do these.”

Curated Cover of the Edelman Trust Barometer report
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Editor’s note: This annual report into trust is well with your time. Interestingly, employers enjoy a good amount of trust and are seen by many as a trustworthy source of information about contentious issues in society. Some eye-opening insights into what people want to see from CEOs.

Curated Rachel Botsman on stage at the CIPD conference 2018
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Editor’s note: Rachel Botsman gave one of the keynotes as this week’s CIPD conference. Her topic was trust and how trust is changing with technological change. Here, Botsman shares the theories and thinking that underpins her work. These include sharing economies, collaboration, reputation and trust.

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Editor’s note: This is useful research for establishing what institutions and media Britons trust. The research also provides some insight on businesses and why trust in them is relatively low. Some good big picture data on trust here.


Editor’s note: Trust is enough of a big issue within physical offices, so what about trusting virtual team members? Interesting look at ‘swift trust’ and our default to giving others the benefit of the doubt.