How Midtjylland took the analytical route towards the Champions League

Editor’s note: I’m fascinated by how data can help teams become more effective. Here’s how a small football team is doing just that.

Learning analytics and more – an interview with Ben Betts

An interesting podcast here from Nick Ribeiro talking to #ben betts on a range of topics from learning #analytics to #moocs and beyond.  

Human capital reporting – investing for sustainable growth

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Editor’s note: This report tackles the issue of measuring the impact of ‘human capital’. It’s a topic that comes in and out of fashion but don’t be put off by that. This report has some interesting insights into what training data should and could be measured and how that related to other human capital and business metrics. Worth a look if you are interested in learner data and current debates around that.

Silos, skills gaps and suspicion are preventing HR from joining the big data and talent analytics revolution, CIPD research reveals

A complex mix of silos, skills gaps and suspicion are preventing HR from tapping into the big data and talent analytics revolution to better inform the function’s strategy and measure its impact. That’s according to new research from the CIPD, the professional body for HR and development, in association with Oracle Corporation EMEA. The term […]

Untrack: Letting Go of the Stress of Measuring

Editor’s note: Big thanks to @andrewjacobsld for sharing this on measuring what we do. Great piece on why not to measure every minute detail of L&D.

Desire2Learn LMS puts predictive analytics into the learning mix

Learning management system Desire2Learn has launched its latest version featuring predictive analytics capabilities, which the company said would ’empower instructors to better engage learners, guide learning outcomes and ultimately improve global course and degree attainment rates’. The technology uses predictive analytics to help learners choose courses based on what they’ve studied in the past and […]

New book explains human capital analytics

Editor’s note: Authors of the book Human Capital Analytics: How to Harness the Potential of Your Organization’s Greatest Asset, shed light on how to measure the impact of a learning program on an overall business goal.

Big data in HR: why it’s here and what it means

Editor’s note: We are flooded with data but the real challenge is identifying you want to find out and what problem you want to solve, not what data you want to collect.

Empathy represses analytic thought, and vice versa: Brain physiology limits simultaneous use of both networks

Editor’s notes: Research shows for the first time that we have a built-in neural constraint on our ability to be both empathetic and analytic at the same time. Implications on learning styles?

Learning analytics: leveraging learning data [Infographic]

Editor’s note: This learning infographic explains what learning data is, how it can be used, limitations, costs, why it is not widely adopted and how analytics will affect the future of learning.