Desire2Learn LMS puts predictive analytics into the learning mix


Learning management system Desire2Learn has launched its latest version featuring predictive analytics capabilities, which the company said would ’empower instructors to better engage learners, guide learning outcomes and ultimately improve global course and degree attainment rates’.

The technology uses predictive analytics to help learners choose courses based on what they’ve studied in the past and how they performed in those classes. It also help teachers identify students who are experiencing difficulties as well as learning trends and class dynamics.

Techcrunch reports that: ‘On the teacher side, Desire2Learn’s new analytics engine allows them to view predictive data visualizations that compare student performance against their peers so that they can identify at-risk students, for example, and monitor a student’s progress over time.

‘The idea is to give teachers access to important insight on stuff like class dynamics and learning trends, which they can then combine with assessment data, to improve their instruction or adapt to the way individual students learn. In theory, this leads not only to higher engagement, but also better outcomes.’

The platform is also integrated with Drpobox for resource sharing and provides an portfolio for students to store examples of their work.

As well as providing LMS technology for the education sector, the platform is also used by corporate clients in the US.

Desire2learn CEO John Baker said, ‘Harnessing big data and predictive analytics has transformed many industries, yet to date, the analytics to support next generation learning has been missing from education.

‘With today’s release, Desire2Learn will be delivering predictive analytics to millions of learners who will benefit from more successful outcomes. With this innovation, we can now provide valuable insights that will improve completion rates, lead to higher outcomes, and allow for the development of more impactful personal learning experiences.’


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