OD and L&D – the space in the middle is where we all meet

Editor’s note: Where does L&D sit in relation to organisation design? This is an interesting piece that suggests OD and L&D overlap on core areas such as culture, change and transformation.

What would happen if there were no L&D department?

Editor’s note: This question, posed by Jane hart, prompted much Twitter discussion and became the topic of an #ldinsight conversation. Here Jane Hart pulls out highlights from the responses.

The Classroom of the Future

Editor’s note: This article is inspired by the #ldinsight discussion on the role of the classroom in L&D. It explores how school classrooms are, or will be, changing.

UK learning and development – embracing unconferences

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Next month sees two unconferences take place in the UK for L&D professionals. The first is to be held in Glasgow on 3 October and will be followed by a second unconference in London on 31 October. The fact there are two in the same month would suggest that more L&D professionals are keen to […]

Is this you? Is this L&D?

Today’s #ldinsight Twitter chat posed the question ‘What is L&D?’, which prompted a wide-ranging chat. I think L&D should be – and is for some – the most exciting place in the organisation because of its potential to positively affect people at all levels. This tweet sparked some conversation which got me thinking more about […]