Is this you? Is this L&D?


Today’s #ldinsight Twitter chat posed the question ‘What is L&D?’, which prompted a wide-ranging chat.

I think L&D should be – and is for some – the most exciting place in the organisation because of its potential to positively affect people at all levels. This tweet sparked some conversation which got me thinking more about the aspiration of L&D as a profession.

Maybe I’m being way too glass half full on this and I know the realities are tough, but without a vision of what L&D could and should be and without exciting colleagues about that vision the future looks bleak (as traditional training as we know it sails into the sunset and people self-organise and learn based on need etc).

Here’s my list  . . . L&D holds the keys to . . .

  1. Unlocking the potential of every individual and team in the organisation
  2. Understanding what motivates people to work
  3. Understanding how people learn
  4. Understanding what support people need to do their job as easily and effectively as possible
  5. Making evidence-based decisions based on what works i.e. data
  6. Challenging those in other disciplines on why what and how they work
  7. Talent development
  8. Understanding how technology can enable learning, communication, understanding across the organisation
  9. Narrating your work for the benefit of your team, colleagues, peers
  10. Using new tools to enable innovation
  11. Understanding how to build a more resilient, sustainable organisation
  12. Understanding how to make the business a more social business
  13. Modelling inquisitiveness and curiosity – what lies at the heart of challenging old ways and doing this differently



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