9 considerations from Learning Live 2016

The Learning and Performance Institute’s Learning Live 2016 conference took place in London this week. Having had a train journey to reflect on the talks and conversations we have come up with a few areas that were discussed that are worthy of consideration. 1. How we feel impacts how we take in the world Professor […]

The 2015 Learning Live Backchannel: Curated Resources #LearningLive

Editor’s note: Dave Kelly pulls together everything that has been shared in and around the Learning Live conference. A great resource.

Content is king

Editor’s note: Sukh Pabial on what made Learning Live a useful, and good, as a conference for learning professionals.

Learning Live 2013 reviewed: tech, vulnerability, data and starting from scratch

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LPI chairman Donald Taylor kicked off the Learning Live conference 2013 by telling delegates that the L&D industry needed to work on its marketing and communications skills so that it could talk the language of business and be an influencer on the business. This year’s conference was split into four tracks – collaborative workplace learning, […]

Learning Live backchannel: Curated resources #LearningLive

Editor’s note: Dave Kelly’s curated resources from this week’s Learning Live conference – lots of great reads here.


Editor’s note: Interesting mix of speakers at Learning Live – check them out here.

Trust and autonomy make for a great workplace, says Henry Stewart


Trusting people and letting them get on with their job in their own way enables them to work at their best, says Henry Stewart, CEO of training company Happy. Speaking at Learning Live 2012, Stewart said that at Happy people choose their managers so there is never the danger that people will leave the company […]

Three questions to Dr Jane Bozarth


Following her session on social media for trainers at the 2012 Learning Live conference, LearnPatch asked Dr Jane Bozarth three questions on social media in learning. Below is a brief summary of the interview followed by the interview itself. 1 What’s the question you are most commonly asked and how do you answer? Issues around […]

#learninglive notes – business value of a high-impact learning culture

Editor’s note: Review of David Mallon’s session at Learning Live in which he talked through Bersin & Associate’s research into what makes a high-impact learning culture.

Learning Live conference backchannel: curated resources

Editor’s note: Dave Kelly continues to update resources from last week’s Learning Live conference in London. Worth a look to see what you missed and to get an overview of what came out of the event.

Video: Steve Wheeler’s future learning trends

Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor of Learning Technology, Plymouth University delivered a session on learning trends at learning Live 2012. In this interview, Wheeler provides an overview of trends in learning he discussed in that session. These include: Learner analytics This includes using tools such as Google Analytics to predict what Wheelers calls ‘the learners’ trajectory’ […]

Make the most of #LearningLive backchannel

Editor’s note: What is an event Twitter backchannel and how useful is one if you cannot attend an event? Find out in this article and follow the event tweeters from the event over the next two days.