Video: Steve Wheeler’s future learning trends


Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor of Learning Technology, Plymouth University delivered a session on learning trends at learning Live 2012.

In this interview, Wheeler provides an overview of trends in learning he discussed in that session. These include:

Learner analytics
This includes using tools such as Google Analytics to predict what Wheelers calls ‘the learners’ trajectory’ and to be able to respond to their needs with timely and relevant content.

Augmemented reality
The overlaying of content on the real world – think Google Goggles and augmented reality apps.

Games-based learning
Wheeler says this is a big area for learning. He talk about the power of the ‘psychological moratorium’ in which learners can quite literally suspend reality and try things out in a game environment.

Wheeler is on the panel of the NMC Horizon project, which looks at learning trends one year, two to three years and five years hence.




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