Digital business transformation vs digital learning transformation: two parallel universes

Different directions

Research suggests that the #digital transformation of learning and development and the digital transformation of organisations are two different things. This is a huge concern for organisations and for L&D. According to Fosway Group, the biggest drivers for digital learning are increasing learning availability (87%), increasing agility and the speed of learning (84%), increasing learner […]

Top tips on finding an LMS vendor

Craig Weiss

LearnPatch is interviewing some of the speakers at the forthcoming World of Learning Conference and Exhibition. Here, Roisin Woolnough talks to e-learning analyst Craig Weiss. When buying a new house, people put in a lot of time, effort and research to getting the right place. Same with buying a car. What about buying a new […]

Elearnity’s 9-Grid analysis for learning management systems 2014

Editor’s note: Analyst Elearnity’s rundown of the learning management system trends for 2014, shape of the market and overview of what the key vendors have to offer.

Elearnity publishes its first ‘9-Grid’ analysis of the European LMS market

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 08.03.33

Technology analyst Elearnity has published research insights into learning management systems and bespoke e-learning development in the UK and EMEA. The research uses the analyst’s newly-developed 9-Grid model and is based on independent analysis and insights from the organisation’s corporate research network of over 150 organisations including BP, Lloyds Banking Group, Rolls Royce and Vodafone. […]

Top ten learning management systems

Editor’s note: Craig Weiss provides an update on his list of the top learning management systems. Success Factors in at number four?!

Put social learning tools on your map

Editor’s note: Interesting perspective on the LMS and social tools using the Google Maps acquisition of Waze as an example.

LMS market update

Editor’s note: A round-up of recent updates on LMSs such as Canvas.

Desire2Learn LMS puts predictive analytics into the learning mix

Learning management system Desire2Learn has launched its latest version featuring predictive analytics capabilities, which the company said would ’empower instructors to better engage learners, guide learning outcomes and ultimately improve global course and degree attainment rates’. The technology uses predictive analytics to help learners choose courses based on what they’ve studied in the past and […]

Totara launches ground-breaking open badges functionality

Editor’s note: The Moodle provider says that with its latest iteration it is the first learning management system to include Mozilla’s Open Badges functionality.

The 5 most common LMS complaints from end users

Editor’s note: Great list from Craig Weiss which will come as little surprise to users and vendors alike.

The ever changing state of the learning technology industry

Editor’s note: A look at the development of corporate training and training technology from analyst Josh Bersin.Thanks to @s0ngbird for sharing.

LMS ecosystems – the next big thing

Editor’s note: LMS providers talk about ecosystems but what do they mean and can you have one around an LMS. Craig Weiss shares his thinking.

What does ‘LMS’ mean today?

Editor’s note: The Learning and Performance Institute’s Donald Taylor reflects on the role of the learning management system and what tools learners and learning professionals need to support learning.

TinCan Curious

Editor’s note: Online learning consultant Sam Burrough is curious about the Tin can API and provides a post sharing his curiosity and where it has taken him so far. A good read if you think Tin Can could replace the LMS and are interested in debates around the technology.

#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

Editor’s note: Great review from Craig Weiss – packed with useful information, whether you are looking to see what systems are on offer or are looking to buy.