Bad managers to blame for UK’s productivity crisis, says Bank of England’s chief economist 

Editor’s note: The Bank of England’s chief economist claims low productivity is a result of poor management. Is he right? Isn’t there a fundamental design fault in most managers’ job roles – that they have to mix technical and management tasks and that they are rewarded for technical, not management goals?

The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers – curated tweets

Here are our edited tweets from the launch of #good practice‘s #research into how UK #managers find information online to help them do their jobs. The launch took place in London on HMS Belfast on 24 November 2016. [View the story “Google it: The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers” on Storify]

Inside the heads of UK managers – webinar tweets

Here are our edited Twitter highlights from the #good practice webinar on their latest research – Inside the heads of UK #managers. [View the story “Inside the heads of UK managers – webinar tweets” on Storify]

Building a better hierarchy: Why middle managers matter

Editor’s note: This is an excellent article on why organisations need managers. The evidence, and there is plenty cited here, suggests that removing managers has a negative impact on the organisation.

Inside the Heads of UK Managers

Editor’s note: New research by GoodPractice reveals the challenges that managers find most difficult and frustrating. This is a good report to benchmark against. What are the challenges and frustrations of managers in your organisation?

Mind the perception gap

Editor’s note: It would seem that managers’ views of their own capabilities as managers fall well short of what their direct reports think.

CMI report urges employers to rethink digital learning

Editor’s note: Hot on the heels of the Good Practice research report into how managers learn comes this report on the same topic from the Chartered Management Institute. The findings suggest organisations must do better when it comes to designing digital learning experiences.

The secret learning life of managers

Editor’s note: GoodPractice has carried out deep, qualitative research into how managers and leaders learn. Great data here to help shape more compelling learning experiences.

Three skills every 21st-century manager needs

Editor’s note: The role of managers in learning is raising its head – look at the CIPD conference talks and City & Guilds learning trends, for example. This article suggests three surprising new skills for managers.

State of the American workplace: employee engagement insights for US business leaders

Editor’s note: Big, and ongoing, research by Gallup into the US workplace. This research shows that poor managers continue to be a costly thorn in the side of organisations.

Why managers haven’t embraced complexity

Editor’s note: The world of work has become more complex but have managers embraced that fact? Richard Straub looks at the issues.

‘Two-year itch’ among managers damages workplace productivity, research suggests

Editor’s note: If managers in part hold the key to the development of their teams then they themselves need to be happy and productive in their roles.

Imagine a world…

Imagine a corporate world where learning and development didn’t exist formally. No strategic plan. No coaching programmes. No mentoring schemes. No graduate development programmes. No internal courses on either behavioural skills, or technical skills