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50 learning theorists

A while back, Donald Clark wrote a fantastic series on 50 learning theorists which you can read here. I wanted to pull that list into List.ly, so here it is.

Jul 14, 2015 - donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.co.uk - 4
Donald Clark Plan B

I argued that training is mired in old, faddish theory; Bloom, Gagne, Maslow, Kirkpatrick - train the trainer courses are still full of old behaviourist theory (killed stone dead by Chomsky in 1959) trapping us in 50 year old theories that holds the industry back.

Jul 14, 2015 - donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.co.uk - 5
Donald Clark Plan B

Absolutely. One of the problems with Gardner's 'Multiple Intelligences' was its seductiveness. A teacher could simply say, everyone's smart, we're all just smart in different ways. There's a truth in this, in terms of a narrowly academic curriculum, but when adopted as 'science' in schools, Multiple Intelligences can be a dumbing-down, destructive force.


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