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Curated Group of People Planning Ideas
17 minutes

Editor’s note: Linda Hill is an ethnographer who studied innovators across a range of industries. She shares some interesting insights on the collaborative nature of creativity and innovation. Also, that learning and decision making are key components in innovation that organisations can develop and finesse.

Curated hand writing with white chalk on black chalkboard
8 minutes

Editor’s note: Creativity can be taught, according to the academics who teach it. Surprise! But seriously, this long read looks at the importance of rekindling creativity in adults and how creativity can be developed in the workplace.

Curated Opening slide from talk on Evidence informed building blocks for learning design
45 minutes

Editor’s note: Mirjam Neelen, author of Evidence-Informed Learning Design, sets out the reasons for putting evidence at the heart of your learning strategy. She shows what she calls the ‘fake way’ of learning and the evidence-based approach to learning design.

Curated Opening slide of talk on The Invisible LMS
47 minutes

Editor’s note: In this talk, Lori Niles-Hofmann, co-founder of NilesNolen, talks about how learning can benefit from marketing techniques.

Curated Lightbulb drawing and words Our Values
10 minutes

Editor’s note: This is an interesting piece on corporate values and culture. This research collected the official corporate values statements for more than 500 large organizations and compared these official values with how employees view their companies on common corporate values based on an analysis of more than 1.2 million Glassdoor reviews. The data shows no correlation between official values and corporate culture.

Curated State of Teamwork report cover
7 minutes

Editor’s note: This research of 2,065 managers and non-managers (half in the US and half in the UK and Ireland) looked at what makes for successful teamwork. Interacting more frequently seems to have a negative impact on project success. There are lots of other useful insights here.

Curated Illustratiion of hands being held together
5 minutes

Editor’s note: Psychologists are trying to identify a science of teamwork. This piece looks at what we know so far as well as further areas for exploration. Don’t forget your ABCs of teamwork: the attitudes, behaviors and cognitive states that collectively influence whether a team achieves its goals!

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