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Curated The word culture
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Editor’s note: I thought this list is interesting for the way it measures and quantifies culture. There are also some stats theatre worth paying attention to. For example, 24% of organisations who have a successful culture – as measured by the index – have a female CEO or chairwoman versus 7% of Fortune 500 companies.

Curated Word truth
15 minutes

Editor’s note: A group of academics who study the spread of misinformation has created a guide book on debunking myths and misinformation. It provides tips on how to debunk a myth and also how to inoculate against misinformation. The guide is a useful read if you are looking at how to develop media literacy skills.

Curated Closeup of hand writing on paper
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Editor’s note: I’m lucky that my job enables me to read a lot. This week I noticed more jargon than usual. using jargon is easily done but it is not useful to anyone. At best it can be exclusive and at worst meaningless. With my journalist hat on, my advice is to keep it simple. And this guide from the Plain English Campaign does just that.

Curated Hands typing on computer keyboard
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Editor’s note: A survey of 958 company directors shows that three-quarters would be keeping increased home-working after the Covid-19 pandemic and more than half intended to cut the use of workplaces in the future. This is yet more evidence of the way work is changing and will continue to change.

Curated Car dashboard
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Editor’s note: The Learning and Performance Institute has put together a dashboard of all the data it collects across its networks. Here the institute shares the top five challenges of L&D leaders. Learning culture is the top priority. You can also find out the strongest and weakest skills across the profession.

Curated The words performance management written on a note
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Editor’s note: The four people professionals interviewed in this piece say the way their organisations approach performance conversations has shifted considerably from formal, annual meetings to regular communications. The latter allows managers and individuals to flag up performance problems before they become a bigger issue.

Curated Home Office accessibility posters
5 minutes

Editor’s note: Here are some very useful posters on designing for accessibilty from the UK government’s Home Office. A number of access requirements are covered here and the posters are a great example of how to share information in a simple, graphic way.

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