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HR and learning analyst has just released its market analysis of digital technology vendors. Interesting to see who is new on the scene and the 12 trends that Fosway says are impacting on learning technologies. Might make for quite challenging reading.

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Editor’s note: In their quest to find better ways to do things, employees will be applying workarounds to tools and software and learning interventions. Understanding these workarounds can help tweak products to make them more useful and feel more valuable.

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Editor’s note: Scientists are rapidly learning more about the interplay between the gut, brain and nervous system. This article looks at research into how the gut communicates directly with the brain. How we feel and behave might have a lot more to do with the gut – and other organs – than we previously thought.

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Editor’s note: We are faced with torrents of information and misinformation. So how do we ensure we get to good information and scrutinise it properly? Critical thinking can help and this article provides many examples of how to develop and use this skill.

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Editor’s note: A timely reminder here that we need to ensure people understand some basic principles of how technology works – something that’s lost on technology companies.

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Editor’s note: This is a must-read for any learning designer. Psychologist and cognitive scientist Dr. Susan Weinschenk explains the impact of psychology on design and human interaction.

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Editor’s note: This article clearly defines user experience and how it relates to usability and user-centred design. There are some great examples of good and poor US design too.

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Editor’s note: PA Consulting’s Nick Shackleton-Jones provides a set of simple suggestions to help you do things differently this year.

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Editor’s note: Management professor and journalist Stefan stern provides some good tips for managers on how to survive the coming year.

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