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Curated Human neuron cells in the brain as a medical symbol representing psychology and the science of neurology research in finding treatment for mental health diseases as alzheimer dementia and autism.
1 minute (plus guide reading time)

Editor’s note: This is a really useful guide to neurodiversity in the workplace. What adjustments are L&D teams making to ensure learning is open to all?

Curated Fruit market stall
3 minutes

Editor’s note: Marketing guru Seth Godin shares some great tips on how L&D teams can better market their learning ‘brand’ and learning interventions.

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20 minutes

Editor’s note: In light of the recent Learning Technologies conference, I thought it would be useful to share some tips on how to create great PowerPoint decks.

Curated Cover-small
1 minute (plus report reading time)

Editor’s note: Towards Maturity launched their latest benchmark research at this week’s learning technologies conference. It has a new approach to the data which means new actionable insights.

Curated Networking
6 minutes

Editor’s note: Some interesting ideas on information curation and the need for organisations to be able to curate insights in order to feed their knowledge networks. Will this turn out to be another layer of complexity for a concept that seems to mean many different things to learning professionals.

Curated A construction foreman going over the blueprints with a female apprentice.
2 minutes

Editor’s note: Training company DPG has carried out research into managers’ perceptions of apprenticeships and the Apprenticeship Levy. The results make for sobering reading. For example, 63% of respondents still hadn’t heard of the levy 11 months after its implementation.

Curated Screenshot 2018-01-25 15.13.58
12 minutes

Editor’s note: Thankyou to Media Zoo for sharing this really useful video about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Presented by a computer scientist, the film explains the basic concepts and in so doing will provide a good starter for further exploring the technology that could fundamentally change learning delivery.

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