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Curated Close-up of businesspeople hands with documents writing at lecture
3 minutes

Editor’s note: In this article, Will Thalheimer summarises the key findings from his research into learning transfer. This is a must read if your job has anything to do with turning training into action. You can access the full report through this article too.

Curated Email marketing design over white background,
3 minutes

Editor’s note: This research from Adobe shows that email remains a popular communications channel, especially at work. It also shows that marketers are not very good at using it. There are some lessons in here for learning teams looking to improve their use of email as a comms and marketing tool.

Curated the word imposter
4 minutes

Editor’s note: This short video explains the syndrome and what you can do about it if you have it. The reality is that there are lots of good things about it, especially from a learning perspective.

Curated New Year fireworks
2 minutes

Editor’s note: Richard Wiseman shares results from an experiment tracking 3,000 people attempting to achieve a range of different resolutions. The results provides some insights into how to achieve a new resolution.

Curated The number 30
2 minutes (plus resources)

Editor’s note: Jane Hart has pulled together a wonderful set of links from 2019 covering a the topics of continuous learning, the changing role of managers and the new work of L&D teams.

Curated Pile of colorful paper notes with question marks.
8 minutes

Editor’s note: This short guide on performance support provides all you need to know about this approach to workplace learning: its history, definitions, its value and an example of performance support in action.

Curated Man selling elixir
5 minutes

Editor’s note: Arvind Narayanan, associate professor of computer science at Princeton University, takes a look at some of the bigger claims made for artificial intelligence and whether they stand up. There are some work related ones here.

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