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Curated Microsoft logo on building
1 minute (plus courses)

Editor’s Note: This is a great, free resource from Microsoft. The technology company has recently launched a free access, online business school for artificial intelligence. There are a range of courses to help you get up to speed with building an AI culture in your organisation.

Curated Self driving cars illustration
12 minutes

Editor’s note: In this short talk, journalist Paul Mason provides the big picture context for automation and the future of work – this is more about moral philosophy than AI.

Curated Netflix icon on a screen
2 minutes

Editor’s note: Donald Clark challenges the idea of learning experience design and that the brain needs more media rich experiences to navigate. Learning science tells us that that is not what is required. Less is more, he argues.

Curated Picture of a human brain
3 minutes

Editor’s note: This article explains John Sweller’s cognitive load theory and its implications for learning design. Applying this theory helps free up working memory in order to facilitate changes in long term memory.

Curated Screenshot 2019-03-07 13.40.47
19 minutes

Editor’s note: This video gives you a flavour of the research and insights of Dr Richard Mayer, Professor of Psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara. Mayer has spent his career researching the science of learning. His thinking should inform corporate learning design.

Curated Flock of sheep

Editor’s note: This article looks at cognitive bias in the particle physicist research community. it’s amazing how super smart people are in denial about group-think. The piece highlights some of the biases worth considering when it comes to evaluating information.

Curated National Apprenticeship Week logo
1 minute (plus reading time for resources)

Editor’s note: Next week (4-8 March 2019) is National Apprenticeship Week and the UK government has put together some resources to help employers get involved and to promote what they are doing with apprenticeships. If you have apprentices, then find out how you can celebrate them and their work.

Curated Vector flat concept of online learning. Education and science
2 minutes

Editor’s note: This four-week, free course from FutureLearn looks interesting. It focuses on design, innovation and accessibility as well as building your own online identity. The course has recently started and will be running again in May.

Curated Lighthouse beaming light into fog
7 minutes

Editor’s note: This is a great read. Full of data and tips to help find and share obvious insights. As the author says, “I was wrong to place such a high premium on the unexpected. Findings don’t have to be earth-shattering to be useful. In fact, I’ve come to believe that in many workplaces, obvious insights are the most powerful forces for change.”

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