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Editor’s note: Analyst Josh Bersin this week published a research report on the current state of diversity and inclusion. The data shows there is a long way to go to build diverse and inclusive organisations. It also shows the approaches organisations are using that are having a positive impact.

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Editor’s note: This research of organisational approaches to diversity and inclusion explores whether employers’ current focus on D&I is a momentary thing or something bigger – a movement for change.

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Editor’s note: Research from Robert Half shows that improving workplace culture is a top priority this year. Within this, the research shows that employers are looking to improve diversity inclusion. Interestingly, the research shows that mentoring and training programmes are the number one tactic for improving workplace culture.

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Editor’s note: Chairman of the Learning and Skills Group Donald Taylor has analysed the job role, age and gender of the more than 2,000 members of the group. His findings show that women are less likely to be in roles with more authority than their male counterparts. That’s not true across the board but the picture is bleak. Important and sobering findings.