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Editor’s note: This article looks at the tensions around change and moving from legacy ways of doing HR. this quote sums up the thrust of the piece: “Creating a culture of change and nurturing values like flexibility and ambition is what sets the foundation for innovation. But what we see most often is companies adapting around old systems, instead of completely rethinking leadership and management, or transforming the way they recruit and retain, or the types of roles they create.”

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Editor’s note: Unleash is a huge HR technology conference that took place this week in Amsterdam. Here, Nick Shackleton-Jones reviews the event and raises some big questions for HR and L&D.

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Editor’s note: It’s interesting to see the effect of removing HR from this organisation. There is a danger that the way the organisation operates is dehumanised. It’s intriguing to see that HR has been removed but there remains a culture team and a learning team. Maybe L&D will co-exist with robots!

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