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Editor’s note: This analysis of LinkedIn Learning’s latest research throws up many reasons to be cheerful about digital learning. It also features an interesting slide on the benefits of learning more (called heavy learners on the slide) versus ‘light’ learners. Heavy learners, for example, are 21% more likely to feel confident in their work versus light learners as well as 47% less likely to be stressed at work.

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Editor’s note: This article provides some highlights from LinkedIn Learning’s latest study into learning trends based on the responses of 1,200 L&D professionals. More budget and a shift to online seem like the main trends as is the role of managers to enable learning. Is this news? Perhaps a good reminder of what peers are working on.`

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Editor’s note: Some interesting thoughts on LinkedIn Learning from analyst Josh Bersin. LinkedIn could be well placed to deliver learning in the flow of work via Microsoft tools. What I don’t understand is the growth in video courses. I thought we were moving to a resources-first approach.

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Editor’s note: This piece of research from LinkedIn Learning looks at learning trends impacting on L&D, employees, managers and executives. An interesting read. Note it calls L&D professionals ‘talent developers’. A good title?