Gig economy boosts income for many of its 1.3 million workers – but thousands could be missing out on employment rights

Editor’s note: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has published research into the gig economy – what it is, its size and what working life is like for gig economy workers.

Employee-led, integrated learning is the new normal

Editor’s note: Latest employee research from the CIPD shows that organisations are slowly adopting more agile approaches to learning, such as embedding learning in the workflow. It’s slow progress though.

Peer support, coaching and on-the-job learning are ‘most useful’ forms of learning, CIPD research reveals


Latest #research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development shows that training methods that support learning in the workflow are the most useful forms of learning for employees. The research of 2,000 adults shows that training from peers is the most useful (95%), followed by coaching (92%) and on-the-job learning (91%). Despite the popularity […]

The key to increased productivity: interesting work and trust to do the job


If employers want to boost the productivity of their workforce they need to give them interesting work and trust them to get on with it. This is one of the main findings of the #cipd/Halogen Software Employee Outlook 2015 survey. When asked what would make them more productive at work, top of employees’ list is […]

Hierarchical structures versus organisational freedom #cipd15

At the #cipd conference 2015, Andy Swann and Tim Scott presented two talks on ‘Hierarchical Structures versus Organisational Freedom – what’s best for you?’ We filmed both talks, which you can see here.

L&D must be more agile: CIPD Learning & Development Show

Editor’s note: This is our review of the CIPD L&D Show which appeared on Personnel Today. The conference was very case study driven but hopefully this will give a sense of some of the talking points.

Little real world application so far, but learning and devleopment must understand where neuroscience fits in to organisational learning

Screenshot 2015-03-09 09.49.09

HR and L&D professionals looking for real life examples of how #neuroscience is being used in the workplace will have to look very hard. There is a dearth of formal, practical application at the moment. This is despite the regular stream of #research and articles about latest neuroscience findings and the insights it offers HR […]

Applying behavioural science to the organisation

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#behavioural science has been around for a while now but it has really taken off in the past few years. Some HR professionals have embraced it, some have not. HR as a profession needs to understand what the findings are and how they relate to HR and to business success. The #cipd conducted a series […]

Time to tackle training tedium

Editor’s note: The CIPD’s chief economist Mark Beaston looks at why training in the UK is so bad despite the fact employees are keen to learn.

Agility critical to future business success, says CIPD


If organisational #agility is important to business success in today’s world, it is critical to business success in tomorrow’s world. Critical to business survival, in fact, according to a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (###cipd) report, entitled ‘HR: Getting smart about agile working’. What does this term organisational agility mean? It can refer to […]

Has 10 years’ worth of management training been a waste of money? CIPD research suggests so


The quality of #management in the UK continues to trail the USA, Germany and other productivity leaders and is one of the key reasons behind the UK’s long-standing productivity weakness, according to the #cipd. In its report, Are UK organisations getting better at managing their people? the CIPD reviews the available evidence on people management […]

The future of the UK jobs market

Editor’s note: I was lucky enough to be in the panel debate on labour market trends at this week’s CIPD conference. Luckily Tim Scott did a great job capturing the debate. This debate frames all we do in L&D in my opinion.

CIPD launches three research reports covering behavioural science and the changing context of work

The #cipd has launched three #research reports that focus on behavioural science and the changing context of work at its annual conference and exhibition in Manchester.   The reports are free to download. Our Minds at Work: Developing the behavioural science of HR This report examines how the science exploring how the brain works and […]

Putting social media to work

Editor’s note: Analysis of the CIPD’s latest research of the use of social media tools within organisations. Interesting to see the benefits these tools are bringing to organisations.

Did the CIPD ‘drop the ball on learning and development’? An exclusive interview with the CIPD’s Andy Lancaster

AndyLancaster 25272

Andy Lancaster took over as the CIPD’s head of L&D at the start of the year. As well as heading up the institute’s £5m training arm, Lancaster has helped pioneer its Leaders in Learning network, is working with the Elearning Network and has just announced a strategic partnership with benchmarking organization Towards Maturity. LearnPatch caught […]