HR technology disruptors – putting employees more in control


Analyst Josh Bersin has published a report on the top HR #technology disruptors for 2016. It is a must read for L&D because it shows a fundamental shift in the relationship between employees and the business. How? Through apps and services that are designed for employees. Take a look at the list that first appeared […]

Computers ‘do not improve’ pupil results, says OECD

Editor’s note: Maybe these research findings are to be expected. The impact of technology on learning at school is playing out in front of us and the results aren’t that good. Maybe we are only at the start of understanding the role/impact of technology in learning.

Gartner’s 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Editor’s note: This hype cycle will be mentioned in conference talks by anyone talking about where technology is headed. So, let’s go to the horse’s mouth and see what the future holds.

Apple saves the desktop from extinction and realises its future vision for computing

In the week that Apple launched its new iPads, this article looks at Apple’s future, which gives some clues as to what technology we can expect to see in the coming months and year or two. Clue: technology for every occasion!

The effect of virtual interactions on wellbeing

Recently, tech giants Yahoo and Hewlett Packard took the radical decision of banning telework for most of their employees. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer declared that “we need to be one Yahoo! and that starts with physically being together”.     Curated from Does virtual interaction trump face to face interaction or is it all […]

Why a leading professor of new media just banned technology use in class

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Shirky is a professor of media studies at New York University, holding a joint appointment as an arts professor at NYU’s graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Tisch School of the Arts, and as a Distinguished Writer in Residence in the journalism institute. He is a leading voice on the effect #technology has had on […]

Curated tweets from Donald Clark’s #ltsf talk on tech trends that could change learning forever

Provocative stuff here from Donald Clark, who presented three tech trends that will change learning forever at the Learning and Skills Group Summer Conference.   [View the story “Curated tweets from Donald Clark’s #ltsf talk on tech trends that could change learning forever” on Storify]

How to use tech like a teenager

Editor’s note: At last, an article that actually finds out how kids are using tech – and guess what? There are lots of useful tips for adults.

Left to our own devices

Editor’s note: Really enjoyed this look at how our relationship with technology is evolving and how that impacts on the relationships we have with others.

7 tools to help improve the modern collaborative workplace

Editor’s note: Good list here including cloud-based printing and mobile hot spots. Basic but essential tools to ease more collaborative working.

Why the future of technology is all too human

Editor’s note: As machines get faster and more ‘intelligent’, where does that leave us humans? Interesting, and potentially uplifting, piece on what humans bring in the tech age.

The Horizon Report 2014 – higher education edition

Editor’s note: Take a look at the technology trends hitting higher education with the annual Horizon Report. They are no different to the ones hitting business. This is a useful look into short, medium and longer-term tech trends.

Putting technology in the driving seat of learning – curated tweets from #chat2lrn Twitter chat

Here our my edited tweets from the chat2lrn Twitter chat on putting #technology in the driving seat of #learning.   [View the story “Putting Technology in the Driving Seat of Learning – curated tweets” on Storify]

The empowered employee is coming; is the world ready?

Editor’s note: Great article looking at the value of employees that can be tapped by cloud, mobile and social technology. Organisations focus on how to engage customers around this and now it is time to do the same for employees – they have the technology.

How telepresence is revolutionizing the business meeting

Editor’s note: It sounds like the stuff of Star Trek but telepresence tech is getting cheaper and browser-based, which will lead to lots more possibilities for virtual meetings.