Social business platform QŪEsocial launches


QŪEsocial has launched a social business technology platform, which it hopes will make it easy for companies to focus their social media efforts.

By equipping employees with job-specific e-learning, fingertip content delivery and motivation through game mechanics, QUEsocial will help employees in converting their social media activity into business outcomes.

The SaaS social business platform integrates function-specific e-learning, social content delivery and gamification into a single dashboard specifically designed to support the different business needs and uses of social media across sales, recruiting, customer service, HR and product development.

Patrick Rooney, CEO of QŪEsocial, said: “Many companies recognise that social media has applications that extend beyond marketing, but they don’t have all they need make social a meaningful part of their everyday work.

“In one platform, QŪEsocial teaches employees to use social effectively in their every day jobs, delivers relevant and sharable content literally to their fingertips, and uses a powerful gaming engine to convert social activity into business outcomes.”

The product’s game engine is designed to guide employees through the social business adoption cycle, from social media basics to social business conversion—whether a closed sale, hired employee, customer issue resolution or product innovation.

The platform currently supports LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and will add social network support in the coming months.

Rooney added: “QŪEsocial is developed from the perspective that successful employees make successful businesses. We equip each employee with the know-how, content and motivation to achieve their professional objectives and contribute to overall business performance.”


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