What’s on the agenda at #ldcu?


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The participants at the the L&D Connect Unconference in Glasgow have just crowdsourced the agenda for the event. Here’s the list of the discussions.

  1. Improvisation in organisations
  2. What is the power of storytelling?
  3. How to identify and develop future management development
  4. Why bother? Why do we develop others? Why do we think our values are right?
  5. Organisational life: is it compatible with wellbeing and personal happiness?
  6. Inside out: How do we shake up power dynamics and release creativity in organisations?
  7. How do we encourage organisations to adopt emergent methods such as we are doing today?
  8. How to be and let others be
  9. Great ideas from other professions we can steal, adapt and grow
  10. Failing forward
  11. How do you help others to learn how to be daring?
  12. Is HR dead?
  13. Can constraints and limitations be a jumping off point for creativity and daring in L&D.



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