Screenshot 2014-11-14 16.43.20The newsroom quite literally flickers with technology. A lamp is rigged up to let staffers know when it’s going to rain (it was green on Tuesday, indicating it was safe to go out). Lights go on when the coffee is ready or the dishwasher is done. Sam Williams, the developer behind these gimmicks, is working with beacon technology to program employees’ phones so a customized tune will play when they walk in the door.

Whimsy aside, these features speak directly to founding editor Kevin Delaney’s vision of how a digital newsroom should be staffed. As established news organizations try to

and also get digitally fluent staffers to achieve scale, Quartz had the advantage of being able to start from scratch, free of legacy issues. In its first year, its





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Editor’s note: A look at how ‘digital native’ news site Quartz develops content. Free from legacy ways of working, this shows how the media, and content, is changing – something that impacts us all, especially anyone who is creating content.

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