June is an important month for Learning and Development (L&D). It’s Debunk Learning Styles month. It’s important for the profession, and it’s important to each of us individually in L&D because it brings up a key question.

This idea for this theme for June came from the Debunker Club, an online group run by – among others – Dr Will Thalheimer who has served our profession well in the past. As well as his work on spaced learning, Will has shown that the much repeated claim that you remember just 10% of what you read versus 80% of what you do is spurious nonsense. (It’s a ghastly corruption of Dale’s Cone.)

The aim of the Debunk Club is to move the L&D profession from pseudoscience such as Learning Styles to more rigorous theories, backed by experimental data.



needn’t just apply to your own L&D initiatives, it can equally be applied to the theories that permeate L&D. Donald Taylor makes this point well and urges all L&D professionals to put evidence before learning .


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