Whether it’s a webinar, webcast, online meeting or online instructor-led training, the potential for snafus is enormous; no audio, feedback loops, chaotic breakout groups, timezone confusion… you name it, it WILL happen. You’re only one click away from oblivion. Fortunately, at DevLearn, in Las Vegas, I was lucky enough to find myself in a room full of virtual learning experts, real practitioners who do this week in, week out.

It’s a wondrous thing, being able to communicate visually and orally across the globe. Yet it is not easy to do well, as it comes with a truckload of potential snags, glitches and complications. What you need to do, to be effective, is master the process, so that you can focus on the delivery of the experience, not get sucked into distractions and troubleshooting.

Seems simple but people often underestimate the management and logistics of virtual sessions. Checklists for planning, troubleshooting,,,,. whatever. They seem to work for a lot people, as it’s easy to miss things and you benefit from the accumulation of experience. Preparation matters but structured preparation matters more.




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