I think there are huge opportunities for leveraging learning as part of the daily workflow. There are, of course, some challenges in first making the required change of mindset – to see learning as part of work and not apart from work, but once that’s been achieved the world of learning through work opens up. There are some additional challenges, such as those for managers and team-leaders to take on the role of supporting learning as a daily process and not seeing learning and development of their teams as a trade-off against delivering operational excellence. There is no trade-off for managers and team leaders – both operational excellence and developing your people are equally important. If you don’t hit your targets your short-term future is in jeopardy. If you don’t develop your people, your organisation’s long-term future is in jeopardy.



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Charles Jennings was talking at this week’s Learning Technologies Conference. Here he shares his thinking on and how learning supports it.


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